Deepen Your Connection with Yourself.

People helping people. Feels so good.

I get asked what I learned from my 500-RYT a lot. Here it is: I got the confidence to believe that being me is enough. These teachers take a lot of joy in being themselves and they can’t help but share it with others. If that isn’t worth investing in yourself for, I don’t know what is. Can we see that in others and not be scared by it, but build on it?

Yes to love, Yes to life, Yes to staying in more!

You wanna hear something that sucks about teaching so much yoga? The internet isn't that interesting anymore, and there's less good stuff on TV. White noise, snark, schadenfreue, overblown hysterical reactions to misspoken statements that obviously meant no harm, other people's personal information- I have less and less taste for any of that. All this talking about connecting with what's within and shedding or at least identifying what's extraneous and maybe even deleterious... it's slowly curing me of my desire to consume mindlessly and to project my own shit onto other people and see it played out. No, I'd rather be here, with you. So, thanks

Retreat to move forward.

I wish I could somehow explain to you how peaceful this room was at this moment. I want to bottle the feeling up and release it into the ozone. Today was why I teach.

Double Edged Sword

There are two tragedies in the world... not getting what you want, and getting what you want.
(paraphrased) Oscar Wilde

It could be better if the light were more even. It would be cool if my elbows were tighter. Thank god you can't see my cellulite, I wish my mom could have seen this, I should not have said that, and on and on down the rabbit hole. It's not gonna come from outside. This existed in my head and it was perfect there. Muff and I had fun trying to get it right in a picture. But it's never gonna come from outside... Go in, guys...

It's after 6, what am I? A farmer?

Inhale, let come. Exhale, let go. Again. Inhale, let come...exhale, let go. The mind, god willing, is not going to stop generating random thoughts until the day you die. You don't really want that hamster to stop spinning the wheel. Not really. What you want is to not be at the mercy of it. I have found that the mind, which, it is worth noting, *makes a lot of mistakes*, is a lot like a child, in that you can reinforce and discourage behaviors simply by paying attention, or choosing not to pay attention. Attention as currency, if you will. If you don't give it what it asks for, it will lose interest in that course of thought and over time, stop trying to get you to notice altogether. (Disclaimer: I'm not a mother, perhaps don't take parenting advice from me).
The come and the go, that's gonna happen. The attention- that's a choice. Harder sometimes than others? Without question. But it's always your option. Be well, loves..

Invest in yourself. Express yourself.

Sometimes in practice, I feel like I create so much space inside that my capacity, my humanity expands beyond my actual physical boundaries and I don't have any edges anymore.