My Point of View on This Whole Yoga Thing

A yoga practice makes life more manageable. A yoga practice makes you a better leader, partner, and citizen. Through all the stressors and distractions of this modern world, a yoga practice leads you back to yourself. 

I like pretty shapes and strong muscles, sure, but yoga eases the burden of my spinning mind and allows me to see clearly, to experience peace. That's the reason I have chosen to spend my life sharing it. 

Self-regulation skills are only going to become more important as the pace of life continues to accelerate. Anxiety, stress, depression, and addiction impact all of us. Yoga is a means by which we learn to navigate our humanity. 

I specialize in rowers- thats where my roots are. I was a 4 year rower at UVA, I'm an NCAA Champion Women's Rowing Coach, and I've been helping people figure out what their bodies are doing for 20 years. I started my own yoga practice in my parents's bedroom on a VHS tape in the 90s, started teaching yoga to my teams in the 2000s, and now here we are. 

I am trained in veterans yoga, prison yoga, and yoga for 12 step recovery. All of my yoga is trauma informed. My public classes, retreats and trainings are journeys inward balanced with vigorous physical experiences. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

xoxo, M


When I have something I really want to share, I'll send it to you.