Inquisitive, Empowering Yoga

My yoga practice has made me a better leader, partner, and friend to myself. Life can be stressful, and distracting, and its constantly shifting sands require a sturdy set of legs! I teach and practice yoga to share what I've learned and to continually examine what I don't yet understand.

I like to think of yoga as a tooIkit. Sometimes a vigorous asana practice is the right tool for the job, sure. But classical yoga offers us lots of other ways to steady ourselves... breath, discipline, perspective shifts... practical and subtle changes in awareness and intention. These changes saved my life, and that's the reason I'm here sharing with you today. 

Managing chronic or occasional anxiety, stress, and depression is a life skill essential to our optimal function. Yoga provides an integrated body/mind approach to the study of the self by introducing concepts like wholeness, connection, and balance. Yoga provides a means of inquiry into that connection, both within ourselves and in the way we relate to the world around us.

I teach public classes, offer private instruction, and I truly enjoy sharing yoga with curious newcomers! I specialize in rowers- thats where my roots are. I rowed at UVA, I'm an NCAA Champion Women's Rowing Coach, and I've been helping people figure out what their bodies are doing for 20 years. I started my own yoga practice in my parents's bedroom on a VHS tape in the 90s, began teaching yoga to my rowing teams, and now here we are. 

I believe in service. I have trained in veterans yoga, prison yoga, and yoga for 12 step recovery. All of my teaching is trauma informed. My public classes, retreats and trainings are journeys inward balanced with vigorous physical experiences. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!



When I have something I really want to share, I'll send it to you.