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Yoga helps us manage life. It's that simple. I come from an athletic background and I love to move, and I like pretty shapes as much as anybody, but yoga works and for that reason I have chosen to spend my life sharing it. Self regulation skills are only going to become more important as the pace of life continues to accelerate. Anxiety, stress, and depression impact all of us! I really believe it's ok to talk about this! We need certain skills to function optimally- yoga provides an owners manual, a kind of roadmap to help us navigate our humanity. We just have to be willing to do the work.

I teach high school and elite athletes to prepare themselves to show up fully on the day, and I am an adjunct professor at Marymount University in the Department of Health professions teaching Yoga for Self Management. I have certifications in veteran yoga and prison yoga and I am dedicated to giving as much of my time as I can to these causes. My public classes are vigorous physical experiences and my retreats are physiological and mental journeys inward. I have been a body worker for 20 years so above all, my classes are intelligent, informative, and safe.


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