DEPOSIT NOW to reserve your space in my intimate, in depth, once a year yoga retreat. This spring we are spending a week at Xinalani resort in Banderas Bay on the Pacific coast of Mexico. I chose this location specifically because it was designed around the perfect yoga experience: food, location, atmosphere, amenities, all of it created to send you home completely refreshed, recharged...


Inquisitive, Expansive, Empowering Yoga

A yoga practice helps make you a better parter, leader, and friend to yourself. Your yoga practice will teach you to carry your day lightly, and it will empower you to stay grounded and connected to your center in moments of stress and uncertainty. Through the practice of yoga we cultivate the ability to de-pattern our mental habits revealing worthiness, peace, and ease. 

Asana practice can be fabulously stimulating and energizing or deeply soothing and restorative. Combining movement with breathwork establishes us here, in the present moment, where are most powerful. This subtle but intentional fine tuning of our awareness reveals our unconscious points of resistance and better equips us to fully express the infinite capacity of our humanity.

I teach public and private classes in Boston, MA and lead teacher trainings and retreats around the world. I rowed at collegiately at UVA, I'm an NCAA Champion Women's Rowing Coach, and I've been helping people figure out what their bodies are doing for 20 years. I started my own yoga practice with the physical expression, off a VHS tape in the 90s. Years later, a pattern of disconnection, depression, and destructive behavior demanded that I address who I actually was and where my purpose lay. I renewed my studentship and embraced yogic philosophy, unearthing my inner teacher, and I have committed my life to giving voice to that center of myself.

I believe in a life of service, and for that reason I've learned to look clearly and honestly at what I'm uniquely skilled to share. I love assisting athletes through the training, selection, and performance process, and I am trained in veterans yoga, prison yoga, and yoga for 12 step recovery. All of my teaching is trauma aware and nervous system informed. My public classes, retreats and trainings are journeys inward balanced with vigorous physical experiences. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!



When I have something I really want to share, I'll send it to you.