Ak'bol Resort, Ambergris Caye


July 7th-14th

They had me at “take your shoes off when you get here and don’t put them back on until you leave”. Let's practice simply being here. Guided by the framework of the yamas and the niyamas (the first 2 of the 8 limbs) we will practice being present, open, and integrated earthlings.

What's included

  • 7 nights seaside accomodations and housekeeping 
  • Access to beach, pool, pier, and palapa
  • Mats and props
  • Gorgeous locally sourced breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets
  • Yoga at 10am and 4pm each day
  • Hands on personalized individual attention available outside of practice 
  • Filtered water, juices, and specialty teas available all day

Not Included

  • One dinner outside of resort
  • Recommended $50 staff tip
  • Exit fees and $158 round trip puddle jumper from BZE to Ambergris Caye (cheaper boat option available)
  • Alcohol, massage, and excursions which can be chosen on-site and added onto your tab


Payments at this point must be made in full! Cabanas are all booked but feel free to DM me for waitlist!

  • Village Rooms Single (shared bath) $1,250 --- FULL
  • Village Rooms Double (shared bath) $1,150 --- FULL

Retreat Full!

PayPal or Venmo 50% of your total amount due to WhereBoatsGo or write a check to me and tell me what kind of room its for!

If you're on the fence, there are snorkeling trips to the reef every single day and they leave from our very dock!

(PayPal accounts not set up in the US, or set up connected to a credit card, please cover the appropriate transaction fee or just send me a check, no worries!)

marina@whereboatsgo.com to tell me YOU'RE COMING!!



Q: Why Akbol?

A: There is a difference between a yoga vacation and a yoga retreat. This is a yoga retreat. No in room tv, wifi in main areas only. The name BE HERE means we are ready to acknowledge that our lives are happening right where we are, at this time, in this place.

Q: What other expenses should I expect?

A: The staff tip (recommended $50), as well as all massages, water activities, alcohol, excursions can be paid for on a tab at the end of the week. There is a $40 exit tax at the airport, and a short cab to the retreat. The $158 for the puddle jumper to San Pedro will be booked for you in advance, you pay at BZE.

Q: What about this puddle jumper out to Ambergris Caye?

A: When you get your flight into BZE booked, send the info to me along with your passport number. Akbol will book you on the appropriate Tropic Air flight to San Pedro and you will pay the $158 (round trip) on site via cash or cc. Land whenever you like on the 7th, plan to fly out of BZE mid morning on the 14th.

Q: I do not want to take a little plane.

A: That's not a question but I hear you. There is a water taxi that is $10 one way. It requires a cab to the boat launch and takes about 90 minutes. Plan to land by 3p in BZE if you're going with this option. Click here for info.

Q: Does the retreat provide mats?

A: Mats are provided but if you're picky about your mat, pack 'er up. I have the Lulu 3mm, weighs nothing, travels and rolls out beautifully.

Q: American Cash?

A: Absolutely. No money changing required.

Q: Do I need a visa to enter BZE?

A: No you do not, you just need proof of your travel back home.