Teaching Yoga, Becoming a Yoga Teacher

There is a difference between being able to teach a safe and effective 60-minute vinyasa yoga class and walking the path of the yoga teacher. They are equally profound aspects of what we do, and the synergy between them is magical.

Together we will nurture self-awareness and a broad knowledge base so you can take your teachings in whatever direction excites you. We will do the personal work necessary to allow you to be of service to people with different needs and to see clearly what those needs are. You do not need to 'have it all figured out' as a yoga teacher. With a clear sense of what is important to you, however, you will attract your people and serve them with integrity.

Where Boats Go™ - Yoga by Marina

So...What is important to me?

  • I believe yoga needs to make the rest of your day more manageable. I believe all yoga is inherently trauma informed. I believe we have enough demand, performance, and external valuation in our lives, and the yoga space is a sanctuary where we must look inward to see ourselves, not outward. I have trained with Connected Warriors™ and Prison Yoga Project ™; these themes of self management, ease, and compassion are beneficial to and beloved by most everyone I teach.

  • I love a vigorous practice. A vigorous practice is not always the answer.

  • I believe in the accumulation of knowledge. There is no one approach that suits everyone- this applies to asana as well as larger philosophical questions. I have taken trainings and workshops with a broad range of teachers: Judith Lasater, Noah Maze, Tias Little, David Regelin, and (depending on when you are reading this) Seane Corn. I received my 200hr RYT from Heartwood, a hatha yoga school in Sarasota, FL. I got my 500hr RYT with Dice Iida Klein, Briohny Smith, and Claudine and Honza Lafond. These teachers represent a wide range of perspectives on yoga, and I took something valuable away from my time with each of them.

Why This Training?

We Will Cultivate:

  • A stronger and deeper personal practice, on and off the mat. (Yes, we will go upside down. Yes, we will backbend. Yes, we will chattaranga. We will also align, release, slow flow, do inner work, and get our yin on.)
  • Your unique teacher's point of view and the ability to stand in front of a group of people and guide them toward themselves.
  • The ability to safely and skillfully teach, modify, adjust, and sequence asana in a vinyasa yoga class.
  • Pranayama and meditation techniques to help manage the pace and stress of daily life.
  • A basic understanding of not just anatomy, but also of biomechanics. Not just where things are, but how they work.
  • A teaching practice that is defined by clear boundaries, gives back to you as much as you put into it, and will carry you forward and grow with you as you evolve.
  • A foundational understanding of ancient yoga texts and wisdom. Yoga philosophy provides a toolbox to help us be human, better

Curriculum and Sample Day!

Your Contribution:

  • Bring an open mind, and bring a desire to create and hold respectful space for others.
  • Have a year of sustained yoga asana practice and the intellectual curiosity to expand beyond what you think you know 
  • Be willing to participate actively in your own process of self study
  • You don't need to be injury free or able to do any particular pose.  There will be very physical practices, and your participation in them should reflect your intentions for yourself.
  • No need for previous teaching experience. Your inner teacher will emerge as you discover your unique perspective and voice.

Lets take this journey together!

I am thrilled and honored to offer you this training.

Ask me a question or tell me you're coming! I'd love to hear from you.